Coat Rack Collection #1

07:04:00 Sims4 Luxury 5 Comments

Hello everyone ! 
Here is my first collection of coat rack for your Sims 4 houses.
I hope you like and happy simming =)


  1. they are perfect! Thank you :)

  2. Hi, I've tried downloading your custom content for my game and it doesn't seem to be showing up within my custom content when my game is loaded. Is there a mesh which needs to go alongside it or is it located in a different area within the game? Thanks.

    1. Is anayone else have that issue ? It works fine on my game so, I don't know :( Have you got all the expensions pack ?

  3. to Penny Unwin: double check if you have the CC aloud to appear in game, after the update they always change it and tick it off :)