The Sims 4 - Speed build Newcrest - EP #1 : The Evans Family's Townhouse

11:53:00 Sims4 Luxury 3 Comments

Hello everyone !

I'm pleased to share with you the first part of my big project in The Sims 4. I'm challenging myself to completely build the Newcrest area. And this is the first house I made in it. 

The house is empty at the moment. It is available in the Gallery but without CC. My Origin ID is : Sims4Luxury.
If you want it with all the CC included, click on the download link below. 

In the next episode, I'll start to decorate it.

I hope you like and happy simming =)


  1. Its amazing, i like watching your videos. I saw you choose a family first before you start building? I really love Sims4 but its always annoying to create a family to move in just to take pictures:/

    1. Thank you ! =)
      I totally agree with you ! It's boring me sometimes ^^ But that time, as my project is to completely build the game, I need a lot of new Sims to create a full "neighbors". So I took an automatically generated family I relooked.

  2. Another beautiful home. Thank you :)