Undiz homewear Set 3

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Hello everyone ! 

Hope you like the first and the second Undiz homewear sets because here is another one =) I will work this week-end on the 4th and the last one. 

Someone ask me if I accept orders, create some others clothes from UNDIZ. So, if you want, I propose you to copy one link of undiz's clothes below, and if I have time, if I get to that, I will create it, send it directly to you, and share it for the others on my blog and tumblr. So, don't hesitate ! =)

Hope you like the 3th set and happy simming =)

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  1. http://www.undiz.com/fr/homewear/new-mymyz-top-12.html

    could you do this set in a few different colors? preferably pink, blue, white, as well as black?