Random tiles floors

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Hello simmers ! 

I hope you're good today =)
As I don't have really time this week, I propose you 4 random floors made for kitchen & bathroom. I was particularly inspired by a pebble bathroom and modern kitchen's tiles seen on pinterest. So, I decided to make it for our Sims 4 game.

Hope you like it !

Files are available separately or in one package, as you want.

Download individual files or the merged one below : 


  1. Hi! I love your floors! You are so talented! Its the first time I be on your page, and I download all I can find :D Thank you for your great work!

    Greets, Tanja

    1. Hi Tanja ! Your visit and comment make me soooo happy ! Thank you a lot ! LOVE <3

  2. This is great! Thx so much for sharing! I love your floors! :o*
    Hugs Kerry