Dining set

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Hey hey hey !

I wantd to try Blender again to create a new set. As I'm more confidente with 3D, it was easier to make it this once. The result is better too. 

I hope you like it and as always "Happy simming !"
Thanks everyone for visits, likes & comments <3

Dining set included : 

- 3 new mesh
(Dining table, Dining chair, Coffee table)

- 3 colors


  1. very nice! I love to see what new furnishings you come up with. thank you!

  2. Hi my dear! I love all the furniture (and really, everything you create), so I am here downloading all of your content since I lost all my cc, since changing to a new computer. I loved everything you created so I had to have it again :) Keep up the good work, I love the new meshes you've been creating, so gorgeous and elegant!

    1. Whaou ! You're so sweeeeet <3 If you want, I can share with you all my CC in one zip file. Don't hesitate to ask me on my contact form ! I had the same "problem" last month. It took so much time ^^ Thank you again =)