+400 tumblr followers gift

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Hello everyone !
I really wanted to thanks everyone of you, It makes me so happy to see how much you are liking, rebloging, and downloading my CC.
Today I’ve made 6 new wallpapers for your sims 4. The first set is natural wallpaper with wood, brick and tiles (I’m not really got at english so maybe it is not good words, so...) and the second one is a metalic set wallpaper.
As it is a gift, I propose you to download everything in one package, as now I know how to do it ^^ I hope you like them and maybe if I have enought time (very long exams period) I will do a second part of +400 followers gift. So, don’t hesitate if you have any suggestion of what you wanted for your sims 4. Take care and HAPPY SIMMING !