Little Marc Jacob girl dress

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Hello everyone ! 

I've found two pretty Little Marc Jacobs dresses for girls that I've made for your sims 4.
They are not really like originals dresses but I hope you like them !

Happy simming =) 




  1. Hi, I really want to know where you got that hair from! :( I've been looking for it EVERYWHERE but I can't seem to find it. Would you mind sending me the link?

    1. Hi ! I know that is was coming from ELASIMS but I guess the website doesn't exist anymore as I can't find it. I have at least 6 ELASIMS files on my mods folders, so one of them is probably what you are looking for so maybe I could send them to you by email.

    2. Oh, yes please! That would be fantastic! Although I don't want to tell the whole world my email - is there a way I can direct message you or something? Or if you could tell me yours and I can email you first? (Sorry, complete noob)

    3. Yes, there is a "Contact form" at the very bottom of the page if you want ;)